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Texas School Ready Comprehensive Request for Applications

The Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston is seeking Texas community organizations, child cares, schools, and others to help at-risk children be more prepared for kindergarten through Texas School Ready (TSR) Project. Since 2003, nearly 500,000 children have been positively impacted by TSR Comprehensive - join us and help children in your community!

Every two years, CLI solicits applications from local and regional community organizations that are interested in serving as TSR Comprehensive Lead Agents. In this role, the organizations serve as the hub for TSR Comprehensive in their community, providing direct service delivery to partnered programs using the TSR model. Multiple research studies have confirmed that Texas School Ready positively impacts teacher instructional practices in the classroom, regardless of setting (public school pre-k, Head Start, and private child care classrooms). Teachers participating in TSR are more responsive to the individual needs of the children in their classrooms. They show increases in their use of language-building strategies, including the quality of book reading, general conversations with children, and the use of oral language instruction to build these skills. Even greater gains have been found in emergent literacy instructional practices. Teachers also show better responsive teaching practices, organization of their centers, and the use of lesson plans. 

The next RFA will open in Spring 2021.


NOTE: The RFA is for organizations interested in delivering TSR Comprehensive to a community of early childhood programs. If you are with an early childhood program and would like to receive TSR Comprehensive for your teachers, please complete the short application form to join our waiting list.